The Challenge

Your bike is constantly exposed to dirt, mud and water. Find out how your bike riding can be transformed by using MTRX bearings.

Every tour is torture

What is a ride without dirt, mud and water? No fun. And no fun at all for your bike, especially your bearings, as they suffer through those tough conditions.

Even more impactful than the barrage of contamination is the high-pressure cleaning that often follows. Due to capillary action, the water and dirt is drawn below the seals, into the bearing, and the lubricants get washed out.

The result: rapid corrosion of the raceways leading to constrained motion and, in the worst case, a seized bearing.

Transferred technology

By taking Solid Oil technology, typically used in demanding industrial applications, and transferring it to the MTB sector, SKF now offers MTRX - a powerful bearing solution for your bike.

Solid Oil surrounds the bearing components, providing them with additional protection against environmental influences.

SKF MTRX Bike Reinigung
15 bar high-pressure cleaning won't wash away the problems. Far wrong!
Cross-Country, Marathon
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Application engineer at SKF and semi-professional mountain biker

I ride about 30,000 km a year in marathon races and was constantly annoyed at having to change various bearings one or two times a season.


Based on decades of use in industrial applications, sealed Solid Oil bearings have proved to be the reliable solution in highly contaminated and extremely damp environments. For this reason they are the optimal solution for use in mountain bikes.

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