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Conventional bearings fail very quickly in your mountain bike. Better use the MTRX bearings instead from the beginning.

MTRX - value adding technology

With MTRX the focus is on spending more fun riding your bike and less time maintaining it. Dirt, dust and water are all part of the fun of bike riding. But that's no fun for your bike, and especially your bearings, as they suffer through those tough conditions.

Regular bearing changes? No way! MTRX bearings have been developed by highly experienced SKF engineers -- engineers who are also bikers, just like you! The bearings have been designed and tested specifically for use on mountain bikes. Instead of standard grease lubrication, the bearings contain an oil-filled polymermatrix. This SKF technology is known as "Solid Oil" and is particularly suitable for bearings used in locations that are likely to be heavily exposed to dirt, dust and water.

Discover how your bike riding can be transformed with MTRX bearings and enjoy limitless bike fun.

According to our philosophy: Don't worry. Just bike.

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Benefits at a glance

No lubricant washout
Solid Oil remains in the bearing.
Lower risk of corrosion
Solid Oil protects the bearing components.
Increased lubricant reservoir
The polymer matrix contains two to four times more oil than conventional grease fill.
Longer lubricant life
MTRX bearings are lubricated for life.
Protection against ingress of contaminants
Efficient seals prevent dirt from entering the bearing.
Low environmental impact
With MTRX there is no lubricant leakage.
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New standard in bearing technology

The polymer material is moulded into the free space of the bearing, forming a narrow gap around the rolling elements and raceways, enabling the bearing to rotate freely. The polymer matrix has a porous structure, with millions of micro-pores, that hold the lubricating oil retained by surface tension. In operation, oil is released from the material into the narrow gaps between it and the bearing components, thus providing effective minimum quantity lubrication.


Bearings filled with Solid Oil are lubricated for the life of the bearing and contain two to four times more oil than bearings using a conventional grease fill. Solid Oil cannot be washed out and virtually fills all the free space, thus limiting the amount of dirt and contamination that can enter the bearing. The polymer filling physically supports integral seals, reinforcing their effectiveness under washdown conditions.

Changing bearings is annoying. Better use MTRX bearings instead!

Tipps and tricks - MTRX

Are you maintaining your own bike, or would you like to? View our new tutorials to learn how to change to new MTRX bearings without a hitch. In these clips Roberto and Benjamin show you how it all works. Additionally you will receive some tool-tips that make changing your bearings very easy.

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